Solo Works


    Intimations of Luminous Clarity (2013) 5'

    This work for solo piano is based on developed fragments taken from the piano part of the large orchestral work CAVE OF LUMINOUS MIND. more

    Kim Malthe-Bruun

    . . . beyond the reach of the world . . . (2009) 16'

    This work is inspired by the writings of Kim Malthe-Bruun (1923 – 1945), a Danish seaman who was active in the Resistance during the Second   World War. more

    Van Gogh_ Starry Sky

    Ratri (2003) 3'

    'Ratri' means night in Hindi. This short work for solo piano, commissioned by the ABRSM, forms part of their Anthology of contemporary piano works: SPECTRUM 4. more

    White Light Chorale (2000) 1'

    Short work for young players, for solo piano. Commissioned by the ABRSM. more


    Flame (1997) 12'

    This work for solo 'cello is in two movements - a slow Introduction leading to a fast main movement of collage-like characters.    The serenade sets out a 14-bar ‘friendship’ theme on a ground of G . . .  more


    Gift (1996) 12'

    Commissioned by Almeida opera, this work for solo flute was written for Nancy Ruffer. more


    Tender Light (1996) 4'

    For viola da gamba, but may also be played on the cello. more


    Clear Light, Magic Body (1993) 19'

    A virtuosic work for solo guitar. The inspiration came after a visit to an exhibition of Tibetan sacred art at the Royal Academy in London in autumn 1992.  more