Large Ensemble

    Raga Fields (2014) 27'

    This new concerto received its world premiere in 2014-15 with the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) in the UK. It was followed by country premieres by FULCRUM POINT (Chicago, 1 November 2014) and  KLANGFORUM WIEN (Cologne, 2 May 2015). more

    Constellations (2010) 12'

    Written for seven musicians playing constellation-inspired movements around a central Ritornello. more

    rebecca material

    A Spread of Dreams (2009) 19'

    This work for large ensemble originated in colour pencil drawings I made, in response to, and inspired by, a simple line drawing by Anish Kapoor. This led me to create coloured musical variants that were . . .  more

    man-horse head

    Hayagriva (2005) 14'

    Hayagriva is a horse-headed being known in Indian and Tibetan sacred literature and art as an incarnation of Vishnu, associated with knowledge and wisdom. more

    Concertante (1987, rev. 2003) 13'

    I wrote this work in autumn 1984 and spring 1985 shortly after my arrival in Britain to begin compositional study. It encapsulates my first conscious attempt to come to grips with modernism, and . . .  more

    Antiphons and Elegies (1986, rev. 1987) 12'

    An early modernist work for double chamber orchestra, partly composed in London and finished at Tanglewood Music Centre in 1986. more

    Contrapulse (1985) 10'

    An early work for seven players, written in the second year of my studies in London in 1985. Features cross rhythms across an array of contrasting tempi, and a first attempt at multi-layered . . . more