Solo Voices and up to 7 Players

    Ablaze! (2013) 15'

    Commissioned by Beethovenfeste, Bonn, these are the first settings from William Radice's new translation of Tagore's  Gitanjali. more

    Vena Sahasrabuddhe

    Darbar Chhayanat (2010) 34'

    This is my first venture into the area of east-west meeting points. Many challenges had to be overcome! The work was commissioned by the group Darbar (Asian Arts Heritage) for their 2010 festival. more

    Patricia Rozario

    Wheeling Past the Stars (2007) 23'

    This cycle of four settings of Tagore poetry was composed at the request of cellist Rohan de Saram in 1997. The four poems are selected for their variety of feeling and rhythmic pace. Together they form a small portrait of Tagore. more

    Ultimate words: Infinite song (1997) 26'

    Work for baritone, piano and 6 percussionists, featuring a visionary and moving text by Kim Malthe-Bruun, the Danish Resistance youth during the 2nd World War. more