Cave of Luminous Mind (2013) 22'

    Commissioned by the BBC for the 2013 Proms, this is Param Vir's third orchestral work, inspired by the meditational journey towards Enlightenment, of the Tibetan saint Milarepa (c.1052 - c.1135 CE)... more

    Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

    Between Earth and Sky (2006) 28'

    A celebratory orchestral work, inspired by Anish Kapoor's monumental monolith Cloud Gate in Millenium Park, Chicago. The work was commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra. more

    The Theatre of Magical Beings (2003) 27'

    Four beings manifest in an internal theatrical space. The music has been approached through archetype rather than narrative. There are no illustrative stories to be dramatised – the theatre lies only in the play of energy. more

    Milarepa - cave detail

    Horse Tooth White Rock (1994) 24'

    This first full orchestral work owes its inspiration to the story of the life of Milarepa, the eleventh century Tibetan saint. The title "Horse Tooth White Rock" comes from the name of the mountain in Tibet more

    field of opportunity

    The Field of Opportunity (1994) 10'

    The Field of Opportunity is a chamber orchestral arrangement of the second movement of my orchestral work  Horse Tooth White Rock, which premiered in 1994 under the baton of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. more


    Before Krishna (1987) 8'

    This work for string orchestra draws its inspiration from images surrounding the birth of Krishna, and the unusual events that preceded. more

    Large Ensemble

    Raga Fields (2014) 27'

    This new concerto received its world premiere in 2014-15 with the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) in the UK. It was followed by country premieres by FULCRUM POINT (Chicago, 1 November 2014) and  KLANGFORUM WIEN (Cologne, 2 May 2015). more

    Constellations (2010) 12'

    Written for seven musicians playing constellation-inspired movements around a central Ritornello. more

    rebecca material

    A Spread of Dreams (2009) 19'

    This work for large ensemble originated in colour pencil drawings I made, in response to, and inspired by, a simple line drawing by Anish Kapoor. This led me to create coloured musical variants that were . . .  more

    man-horse head

    Hayagriva (2005) 14'

    Hayagriva is a horse-headed being known in Indian and Tibetan sacred literature and art as an incarnation of Vishnu, associated with knowledge and wisdom. more

    Concertante (1987, rev. 2003) 13'

    I wrote this work in autumn 1984 and spring 1985 shortly after my arrival in Britain to begin compositional study. It encapsulates my first conscious attempt to come to grips with modernism, and . . .  more

    Antiphons and Elegies (1986, rev. 1987) 12'

    An early modernist work for double chamber orchestra, partly composed in London and finished at Tanglewood Music Centre in 1986. more

    Contrapulse (1985) 10'

    An early work for seven players, written in the second year of my studies in London in 1985. Features cross rhythms across an array of contrasting tempi, and a first attempt at multi-layered . . . more


    Raven Caller

    Black Feather Rising (2008) 90'

    At a tribal gathering, a young man and young woman see each other, and fall in love.  But she, West-Wind-Rising, is married with a child.  He, Raven Caller, is in subjection to a witch who punishes him . . .  more

    Ion (2000, rev. 2003) 120'

    Param Vir's third opera, Ion is based on the play of the same name by Euripides, in a translation by dramatist David Lan. It is the story of a mother’s grief, of a son lost and found and a timeless quest for truth, honesty and identity. more


    Broken Strings (1992, rev. 1995) 60'

    The second opera from the double bill of operas commissioned by Hans Werner Henze for the Munich Biennale in 1992. It is based on an ancient Buddhist parable, the Guttil Jatak . more

    Storm Scene

    Snatched by the Gods (1990) 55'

    The first opera from the acclaimed double bill of operas commissioned by Hans Werner Henze for the Munich Biennale in 1992. The work is based on a narrative poem by Rabindranath Tagore. more


    Brain waves in trance

    He Begins His Great Trance (2008) 21'

    This is a full choral version of Tagore's famous poem Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and is based on my earlier setting of this poem for the London Sinfonietta Voices. more

    Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (1988) 21'

    This is a setting of Tagore's famous poem for six solo voices, accompanied by crotales played by the singers. It was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta Voices. more

    2 - 6 Players

    Image of the Waikato River, New Zealand

    the angel of the waikato (2012) 3'

    "Waikato" is the Maori word for flowing water and also the name of New Zealand's longest river. There are many traditions concerning the river, including legends...   more

    Kim Malthe-Bruun

    . . . beyond the reach of the world . . . (2009) 17'

    This work is inspired by the writings of Kim Malthe-Bruun (1923 – 1945), a Danish seaman who was active in the Resistance during the 2nd   World War.  more

    blue image

    angel blue (2002) 2'

    For piano and cello, about Grade 2 level, for young players. more

    The Drums of Courage (1997) 4'

    For six percussionists, and features the dramatic unfolding of a 39 beat Tala. more

    The Comfort of Angels (1996) 12'

    A work for two pianos in three movements. First played in 1996. more

    Solo Voices and up to 7 Players

    Ablaze! (2013) 15'

    Commissioned by Beethovenfeste, Bonn, these are the first settings from William Radice's new translation of Tagore's  Gitanjali. more

    Vena Sahasrabuddhe

    Darbar Chhayanat (2010) 34'

    This is my first venture into the area of east-west meeting points. Many challenges had to be overcome! The work was commissioned by the group Darbar (Asian Arts Heritage) for their 2010 festival. more

    Patricia Rozario

    Wheeling Past the Stars (2007) 23'

    This cycle of four settings of Tagore poetry was composed at the request of cellist Rohan de Saram in 1997. The four poems are selected for their variety of feeling and rhythmic pace. Together they form a small portrait of Tagore. more

    Ultimate words: Infinite song (1997) 26'

    Work for baritone, piano and 6 percussionists, featuring a visionary and moving text by Kim Malthe-Bruun, the Danish Resistance youth during the 2nd World War. more

    Solo Works


    Intimations of Luminous Clarity (2013) 5'

    This work for solo piano is based on developed fragments taken from the piano part of the large orchestral work CAVE OF LUMINOUS MIND. more

    Kim Malthe-Bruun

    . . . beyond the reach of the world . . . (2009) 16'

    This work is inspired by the writings of Kim Malthe-Bruun (1923 – 1945), a Danish seaman who was active in the Resistance during the Second   World War. more

    Van Gogh_ Starry Sky

    Ratri (2003) 3'

    'Ratri' means night in Hindi. This short work for solo piano, commissioned by the ABRSM, forms part of their Anthology of contemporary piano works: SPECTRUM 4. more

    White Light Chorale (2000) 1'

    Short work for young players, for solo piano. Commissioned by the ABRSM. more


    Flame (1997) 12'

    This work for solo 'cello is in two movements - a slow Introduction leading to a fast main movement of collage-like characters.    The serenade sets out a 14-bar ‘friendship’ theme on a ground of G . . .  more


    Gift (1996) 12'

    Commissioned by Almeida opera, this work for solo flute was written for Nancy Ruffer. more


    Tender Light (1996) 4'

    For viola da gamba, but may also be played on the cello. more


    Clear Light, Magic Body (1993) 19'

    A virtuosic work for solo guitar. The inspiration came after a visit to an exhibition of Tibetan sacred art at the Royal Academy in London in autumn 1992.  more

    Community Works