Milarepa - cave detail

    Horse Tooth White Rock (1994) 24'

    This first full orchestral work owes its inspiration to the story of the life of Milarepa, the eleventh century Tibetan saint. The title "Horse Tooth White Rock" comes from the name of the mountain in Tibet more

    Large Ensemble

    man-horse head

    Hayagriva (2005) 14'

    Hayagriva is a horse-headed being known in Indian and Tibetan sacred literature and art as an incarnation of Vishnu, associated with knowledge and wisdom. more


    Brain waves in trance

    He Begins His Great Trance (2008) 21'

    This is a full choral version of Tagore's famous poem Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and is based on my earlier setting of this poem for the London Sinfonietta Voices. more