Black Feather Rising (2008) 90'

Music Theatre for 2 Singers and 6 Instrumentalists

Libretto by: DAVID RUDKIN, after a Native American legend

Soloist(s): Soprano and Baritone

Orchestration: Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Harp, Violin dbl. Viola, Cello

Commissioned by: Stichting Octopus (The Netherlands)

Dedicated to: Godelieve Schrama

Language: English

Availability: For more information, please contact the composer.

First performance: 24 October 2008

De Toneelschuur - Haarlem (NL), followed by a tour throughout the Netherlands.

Raven Caller's aria "Shells", sung by Alistair Shelton-Smith. Video by Hans Hijmering.


Charlotte Riedijk soprano
Alistair Shelton-Smith baritone
Jana Machalett/Marieke Franssen
flute/piccolo/alto flute
Lars wouters van den Oudenweijer clarinet/bass clarinet/contrabass clarinet
Godelieve Schrama harp
Wim Vos percussion
Marijke van Kooten violin/viola
Doris Hochscheid violoncello
Jos van Kan director
Lieke van Hoogenhuyze assistant
Berthe Spoelstra dramaturgy
Michiel Voet scenery
Dorien de Jonge costumes
Desiree van Gelderen light design
Sepp Grotenhuis correpetitor
Jonathan Berman rehearsal coach
Holger Breek technician
Michel Weekhout stage management
Kees Kaya production
Annemarie Reitsma

David Rudkin
Godelieve Schrama
Charlotte Riedijk
Alistair Shelton-Smith