08 July 2017 DRUM OF THE DEATHLESS - German Premiere at Bad Kissingen Festival

  „Trommel der Unsterblichen“ DoubleBeats Percussionduo Arkadenbau, Rossini-Saal Concert at 6 p.m. Premiere of a 2-percussion version of... read more

24 June 2017 The Field of Opportunity with SINFONIA TAMESA

The Field of Opportunity with Sinfonia Tamesa, conducted by Nicolas Nebout Venue: TBA The Field of Opportunity is a chamber orchestral arrangement of the second... read more

18 April 2017 DRUM OF THE DEATHLESS - American Premiere

A work inspired by Korean monastic ritual drumming, and  commissioned by Korean Music Project. Oberlin Percussion Group Conducted by Michael Rosen Venue TBA... read more

08 April 2017 ABLAZE! at the International Music Festival, Heidelberg

Part of the "DIWAN OF SONG" series, curated by Burkhard Kehring, who played the world premiere of ABLAZE! in Bonn in 2014. rn rn rn rn rn Alte Aula der Universität Heidelberg... read more

09 February 2017 DRUM OF THE DEATHLESS - with the Royal Academy of Music

Performance of the 4-drum version with the Percussion Ensemble of the Royal Academy of Music rn Conducted by Neil Percy rn Date TBA. read more

24 November 2016 DRUM OF THE DEATHLESS - World Premiere

A work inspired by Korean monastic ritual drumming, and commissioned by the Korean Music Project. The work creates a new ritualistic context for 4 players playing modern... read more

Cellist Jessica Kuhn
09 October 2016 Wheeling Past the Stars

The evening will feature a repeat performance of Param Vir's  Wheeling Past the Stars  along with works by other composers. Time: 5 p.m. Venue TBA Suzanne... read more

Cellist Jessica Kuhn
08 October 2016 Wheeling Past the Stars

The evening will feature a performance of Param Vir's  Wheeling Past the Stars  along with works by other composers. Venue and Time: 7.30 pm Suzanne Fischer... read more


at the Royal Academy of Music Zildjian Scholarship 20th Anniversary Concert Duke's Hall, 7.30 p.m. Featuring Param Vir's Drum Chant for 6 percussionists:  The... read more

Cellist Jessica Kuhn
21 April 2016 ...beyond the reach of the world...

Concert at 8 p.m. Jessica Kuehn (Cello) Rie Watanabe (Percussion) read more

Cellist Jessica Kuhn
11 March 2016 SONORIZZONTE Cello Series

. . . beyond the reach of the world . . . 7.30 pm at the Johannissaal, Schloss Nymphenburg Jessica Kuhn: Cello Rie Watanabe:  Percussion  Photo... read more

07 January 2016 Tagore Song Cycle in Berlin

The evening will feature a repeat performance of Param Vir's  Wheeling Past the Stars  along with works by other composers. Venue and Time: TBA Suzanne Fischer... read more

06 November 2015 KOLLOQUIUM

11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.   THE MASK OF THE EXTRAORDINARY - An Introduction to Param Vir's music with an audio-visual presentation read more

05 November 2015 ABLAZE! at Hamburg

The Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg presents A Performance of the Song Cycle, preceded by an Interview with the Composer 7 p.m. Akademie der Künste... read more

23 October 2015 Masterclass with Stewart Emerson

6 pm Marstall Schlossplatz 7 Param will be in attendance as part of special series of Friday Masterclasses with Stewart Emerson.  The evening will feature a... read more

Corpus Christi College Cambridge
17 October 2015 East Meets West: Creating Music at the Boundary between Indian Classical and Western Traditions

An illustrated lecture by Param Vir on the genesis and sound world of his work RAGA FIELDS Introduced by Paul Newton-Jackson, scholar at Corpus Christi 1 - 3 p.m.... read more

Music of Today
15 October 2015 London Premiere of RAGA FIELDS in The Philharmonia's 'Music Of Today' series

London Premiere with The Philharmonia Conducted by Kwame Ryan Sarod soloist: Soumik Datta   MUSIC OF TODAY 6 p.m. INTRODUCED AND CURATED BY UNSUK CHIN read more

19 July 2015 ABLAZE! in the Messiaen Festival

ABLAZE! features in the Messiaen Festival , sandwiched between works by Messiaen and Debussy! Final concert in the Messiaen Festival, France 9 p.m. Programme:... read more

06 June 2015 Netherlands Premiere of RAGA FIELDS

For 25 hours the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ will be changed into an utopic city EIN TAG UND EINE STUNDE IN URBO KUNE   KLANGFORUM WIEN, NETZZEIT,... read more

23 May 2015 Austrian Premiere of RAGA FIELDS

Klangforum Wien  conducted by Enno Poppe at the Wiener Konzerhaus, Vienna   a day and an hour in urban kune read more

08 May 2015 The Royal Academy of Music - Percussion Ensemble plays THE DRUMS OF COURAGE

Duke's Hall Percussion Ensemble conducted by Neil Percy 1.05 p.m. Admisson Free   read more

02 May 2015 German Premiere of RAGA FIELDS

Klangforum Wien conducted by Enno Poppe at the Kölner Philharmonie in Cologne a day and an hour in urbo kune read more

21 April 2015 The Quick Sands of East-West Music Synthesis

Lecture at York University 4 - 5.30 pm Discussion of the background to Raga Fields and the nature of its harmonic and formal language, borrowing from two different... read more

13 March 2015 TAGORE Song Cycle at NYMPHENBURG CASTLE

Performance of WHEELING PAST THE STARS Johannissall Schloss Nymphenburg Eingang 19 (im nördlichen Schlossrondell) 80638 München 7.30 p.m.... read more

08 March 2015 French Premiere of WHEELING PAST THE STARS

'Wheeling Past the Stars' in a performance by soprano Juliette de Massy with Rohan de Saram on violoncello Texts by Rabindranath Tagore (translated by William Radice)... read more

10 January 2015 Rohan de Saram at Festival Scelsi, Basel

Performance of 'Wheeling Past the Stars' read more

01 November 2014 American Premiere of RAGA FIELDS - Concerto for Sarod

Fulcrum Point, Chicago's pre-eminent contemporary ensemble conducted by Stephen Burns with Soumik Datta on the Sarod read more

04 October 2014 World Premiere of RAGA FIELDS - Three Spaces for Sarod and Ensemble

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Conducted by Nicholas Collon with the sarod solo performed by Soumik Datta See more... World Premiere of Param Vir's RAGA... read more

14 September 2014 ABLAZE! World Premiere at Beethoven Haus, Bonn

Songs from Tagore's  Gitanjali translated by William Radice. with Christiane Iven, soprano and Burkhard Kehring, piano Beethoven Festival website read more

22 June 2014 Param Vir featured at Tagore Festival

Performance and Lecture starts at 7pm in the Great Hall 1 WHEELING PAST THE STARS - Performance of Param Vir's song cycle drawn from Tagore's poems... read more

16 May 2014 Royal Academy of Music Percussion Showcase

FREE ON FRIDAYS! Percussion Concert at the Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT DUKE'S HALL, 1.05 PM (Admission free) Works performed will... read more

Milarepa in the cave
16 March 2014 The Field of Opportunity

New York premiere of The Field of Opportunity . This ten-minute work is an arrangement for chamber orchestra of the second movement of Param Vir's first orchestral work ... read more

15 March 2014 World Premiere of KALABADI GALDINAMI

At the Hall of the University of Latvia, Riga 7 p.m. Repeat Performance on 16 March 2014 read more

Soumik Datta
23 February 2014 INSIGHT: Exploring Param Vir’s Sarod Concerto

2pm – 4.30pm Explore Param Vir’s concerto for sarod and ensemble through talks, performance, and work-in-progress workshops. Delhi-born composer Param... read more

23 February 2014 INSIGHT: ...beyond the reach of the world...

This work was last performed at the Proms Plus concert at the BBC Proms, 21 August 2013 by Tom Lee (Percussion) and Auriol Evans (Cello), two musicians from the Royal Academy... read more

23 February 2014 INSIGHT: Constellations

2pm - 4.30 pm As part of BCMG's INSIGHT event exploring Param Vir's Sarod Concerto as a work in progress, musicians from the BCMG and FULCRUMPOINT (Chicago) also present a... read more


Param Vir talks about the genesis of his latest work for orchestra, CAVE OF LUMINOUS MIND , commissioned by the BBC Proms and premiered by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted... read more

man-horse head
09 October 2013 Asian Premiere of HAYAGRIVA in Seoul

Contemporary Music Series on October 9th, 2013, at Sejong Chamber Hall, Seoul. Musicians of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Thierry Fischer... read more

07 October 2013 The Mask of the Extraordinary

Keynote illustrated lecture on Param Vir's recent works, with video and audio examples. Venue to be determined. read more

Tibetan image of the Buddha
21 August 2013 WORLD PREMIERE at the BBC PROMS: Cave of Luminous Mind

Param Vir's fourth BBC commission to date, this major new orchestral work will receive its premiere with the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sakari Oramo on 21st... read more

21 August 2013 PROMS PLUS Portrait

Param Vir discusses " Cave of Luminous Mind"  with Andrew McGregor prior to its world premiere and introduces performances of his chamber works given by musicians from... read more

09 August 2013 Featured at LE TOUT-PETIT FESTIVAL MUSICAL, France

FRENCH PREMIERES OF ...beyond the reach of the world... and Wheeling Past the Stars Both works feature performances by the eminent international cellist Rohan... read more

04 June 2013 Apertif with Ignite - Early Evening Concert

IGNITE will play movements from Vir's Wigmore Hall commission " World-Filling Light " . Sections of the score are partly graphic in notation. Other offerings include a... read more

27 May 2013 SPECTRUM MUSIC DAY with Thalia Myers

Modern Miniatures Workshop 5 p.m. Concert 7 p.m. White Light Chorale for solo piano Performed by Norman Jacobs     PROGRAMME NOTE White... read more


Two works will be played in the Brisbane Festival in May 2013: Wheeling Past the Stars (Patricia Rozario and Rohan de Saram) and ...beyond the reach of the world...... read more

24 July 2012 Premiere of new Community work with Ignite: World-Filling Light

Concert 1.30pm - 2.30pm Written for amateur musicians and a professional Sextet IGNITE. World-Filling Light is part of the project "Beautiful Sounds" and was... read more

22 June 2012 Time at the Bar

An exciting late night concert at 10 p.m., at the Wigmore Hall Bar. Filled with new music and improvisations from Wigmore Hall Learning's resident ensemble, IGNITE. In the... read more

07 November 2011 . . . beyond the reach of the world . . .

UNCHARTED: Matthew Sharp and Joby Burgess   . . . beyond the reach of the world . . .  for cello and percussion,  King's Place read more

09 October 2011 Constellations to be repeated in Birmingham

CONSTELLATIONS  by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group conducted by Peter Wiegold , 9 October, 2011, Birmingham Town Hall. read more

26 August 2011 Wheeling Past the Stars - Dutch Premiere

WHEELING PAST THE STARS : Dutch premiere with Charlotte Riedijk, August 26th 2011, at the Zutphen Cello Festival   read more

01 April 2010 World Premiere of DARBAR CHHAYANAT

DARBAR CHHAYANAT  is a crossover work integrating Indian Khayal singing and Coloratura Soprano within Raag Chhayanat, 1st April 2010, Kings Centre, King's... read more