CRITICAL ACCLAIM for Cave of Luminous Mind

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The performance of Cave of Luminous Mind at the BBC Proms on 21st August generated a great deal of critical coverage. Here are five excerpts.

"There was a symphonic sweep to the patient unfolding of its bipartite structure; Vir audibly stretched himself and extended the techniques that made his previous large-scale works so original.  With this bold, lavishly scored statement, he is reaffirmed as one of the most inventive orchestrators of his generation…" PAUL CONWAY, Tempo 

" . . . the confidence with which Vir handles the sheer scale and the forces involved was hugely impressive." ANDREW CLEMENTS, The Guardian

" . . . using endlessly-rising pianissimo string glissandi, he created the impression of a vast bowl of hazy sound out of which instrumental solos eloquently surged. . . " MICHAEL CHURCH, The Independent

" . . . an impressive addition to Param Vir’s catalogue . . . " RICHARD WHITEHOUSE,

"Mysterious & unknowable—concepts that preoccupied Jonathan Harvey throughout his life, epithets that so often characterised his music, as they do Cave of Luminous Mind, making it in every sense a worthy & very powerful homage to its dedicatee. East & west seem entirely & simultaneously omnipresent in the piece, as does the very essence of humanity’s latent spirituality, not in mere contrivances of style or narrative, but in a less immediate & tangible (but more telling) engagement with notions of reflection & meditation, ambiguity & allusion. Perhaps only this way can one truly aspire to the infinite." SIMON CUMMINGS,

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Posted 2 November 2013 by: Richard Howard

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